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Eurosud : Broker for "Les Terrasses du Port"

EUROSUD SWATON is the insurance broker for “Les Terrasses du Port” one of the largest shopping centre developments based in Marseille. Originally the project was started by Foruminvest, a private developer based in Holland. Hammerson has acquired Les Terrasses du Port in Marseille in, 2009.


The 52,000 m² center, still under construction will provide 150 stores, 2,850 car parking spaces and a 260 metre-wide restaurant terrace overlooking the Mediterranean sea. The total development cost is approximately €450 million.


“Les Terrasses du Port” is adjacent to the tourist port terminal for Sardinia and Corsica, which is visited by more than one million tourists each year.

Insurance company in Marseille : About us

About us

EUROSUD SWATON, one of France's leading independent regional brokers, is owned by a family with a proud tradition in the insurance business since 1922. The company was founded in 1972 by Jean Yves SWATON and it is now managed by Nicolas, Bertrand and Marie-Eva Swaton.


So, there are currently third and fourth generation of SWATON's intimately involved in the management and ongoing operations of the Company.


EUROSUD has always focused on providing insurance protection for a wide variety of businesses, individuals, and professional clients with stable insurance companies that are financially sound and receive high ratings from industry watchers.


EUROSUD is both a generalist and multi-specialist broker, operating in all classes of insurance, and offering relevant and appropriate solutions to the most complex and specific demands.


EUROSUD has established insurance programs for specific industries including Chemicals companies, Plastics Manufacturers, Sports and Leisure, Tourisme, Real-estate, Wholesalers and Distributors, builders and other construction companies, Non-Profits organisations, as well as International Businesses. 


We are firm believers in the value of the personal touch. Whether you visit us in person, contact us by phone or deal with us via the Internet, EUROSUD team is dedicated to providing you with a hands-on service of the highest quality.


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EUROSUD SWATON works within a demanding industry.


However, our thorough and conscientious approach enables us to bring peace of mind to our clients by proposing insurance solutions appropriate to their business or private requirements.


Our day to day dealings are conducted in a speedy, professional and confidential manner. We extend this commitment to all of our clients. Since EUROSUD’s inception, our clients have been our primary focus.


Times change, and services evolve, however, we at EUROSUD continue to treat each enquiry with the utmost care. Unceasingly we listen to their needs, and always aim to offer a service beyond all expectations.


We guarantee that this will remain so in the future.

What is Insurance in France ?

INSURANCE IN FRANCE is a department of EUROSUD SWATON. It is the name of an insurance service dedicated to English speaking clients and provided by EUROSUD, an insurance brokerage firm based in Marseille, France.


EUROSUD SWATON has created this service because they strongly believe that talking to your insurance broker should simplify your life, not make it more complicated. What sets us apart is that all explanations and correspondence to English speaking clients are conducted in english.


This allows us to determine and assess their specific requirements, whether they are looking for personal insurance for their car and home, or for their valuables.


The insurance broker's role

In today’s world importance of good coverage and pricing cannot be overemphasized. Having the adequate coverage may mean the difference between success and failure when faced with a claim such as fire, water damage, natural disaster, accident or liability. People get easily confused when dealing with insurance. This is due to the large number of insurance companies proposing different conditions, premiums and limitations. This is where a professional insurance broker surch as EUROSUD SWATON can help.


A good insurance broker is supposed to help you to understand and identify your needs, to look for the best insurance proposals meeting your personal requirements. If you are already working with an insurance company via its agent, you may be reluctant to make changes in your long term relationships. You should remember that agents only work with their insurance company, and even if they really take care of you, their job is to keep you from switching to another insurer.


Unlike insurance agents, who represent one insurance company, insurance brokers are independent and have therefor access to many insurance companies, theoretically giving their clients the best coverage at an optimal price. The role of the insurance broker becomes of extreme importance when and if the client’s operations involve big, complex risks that insurance companies are reluctant or incapable to retain, or hazardous activities that are difficult or very expensive to insure. A good insurance broker like EUROSUD SWATON can even advise you on alternative (other than insurance) risk transfers.

Companies we represent

INSURANCE IN FRANCE is able to deal with over 30 leading insurance carriers and financial institutions.


Because we are independent brokers, we are free to base our recommendations on each client's needs, without partiality toward any particular insurance company. Also, as an independent brokerage firm, INSURANCE IN FRANCE is very selective about the insurance companies it represents.


INSURANCE IN FRANCE continually monitor its insurance companies to insure that they offer quality insurance products and maintain sound financial stability to guarantee payment of it's client’s claims.


Some of our chosen insurance carriers for private clients are: Axa Art, Generali, Hiscox and Chubb.