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Code name : H99

EUROSUD SWATON is the insurance broker for H99, the famous skyscraper wich has been designed by the renowed architect, Jean-Baptiste Pietri. The tower is the flagship construction worksite of the new Euroméditerranée district which is the showcase for the regeneration of Marseille in France.

With its 99,9 meters in height, it will be the first residential skyscraper built in France since the 0s. Consisting of three modules set one upon the other (City View, Sea View and Sky View), it will stand facing the sea and contain 149 apartments, all enjoying the view.

Insurance company in Marseille : About us - The insurance broker s role

The insurance broker's role

In today’s world importance of good coverage and pricing cannot be overemphasized. Having the adequate coverage may mean the difference between success and failure when faced with a claim such as fire, water damage, natural disaster, accident or liability. People get easily confused when dealing with insurance. This is due to the large number of insurance companies proposing different conditions, premiums and limitations. This is where a professional insurance broker surch as EUROSUD SWATON can help.


A good insurance broker is supposed to help you to understand and identify your needs, to look for the best insurance proposals meeting your personal requirements. If you are already working with an insurance company via its agent, you may be reluctant to make changes in your long term relationships. You should remember that agents only work with their insurance company, and even if they really take care of you, their job is to keep you from switching to another insurer.


Unlike insurance agents, who represent one insurance company, insurance brokers are independent and have therefor access to many insurance companies, theoretically giving their clients the best coverage at an optimal price. The role of the insurance broker becomes of extreme importance when and if the client’s operations involve big, complex risks that insurance companies are reluctant or incapable to retain, or hazardous activities that are difficult or very expensive to insure. A good insurance broker like EUROSUD SWATON can even advise you on alternative (other than insurance) risk transfers.

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