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EUROSUD SWATON is the insurance broker for H99, the famous skyscraper wich has been designed by the renowed architect, Jean-Baptiste Pietri. The tower is the flagship construction worksite of the new Euroméditerranée district which is the showcase for the regeneration of Marseille in France.

With its 99,9 meters in height, it will be the first residential skyscraper built in France since the 0s. Consisting of three modules set one upon the other (City View, Sea View and Sky View), it will stand facing the sea and contain 149 apartments, all enjoying the view.

Insurance company against theft Montpellier - Home and car insurance in Southern France

Insurance company against theft Montpellier

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INSURANCE IN FRANCE is one of HISCOX preferred partner for home and contents insurance. HISCOX is a specialist home insurer. The company has been awarded five stars by independent researchers for the [...]
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Q : Can you use a foreign no claim discount?

Q : Can you use a foreign no claim discount? A : If you decide to take out a policy with us, we will have to create for you a French no claim bonus. In order to be able to do that you will have to provide evidence of your foreign no claim discou [...]
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Conduite accompagnée

Conduite accompagnée This is like a restricted licence that allows you to drive only if you have another fully licenced driver in the car with you. It is usually used for children over sixteen and it must be declared to y [...]
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Q : Do I insure my buildings for the market value? If not how do I calculate my buildings sum insured?

Q : Do I insure my buildings for the market value? If not how do I calculate my buildings sum insured? A : In selecting an appropriate amount of coverage, be sure to avoid the most common consumer mistake - insuring your home for what it costs to sell (the market value), rather than what it costs to re [...]
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Testimonials "Moving to Provence, Eurosud Assurances has been a brilliant team to work with and they have managed to sort out all my insurances in the most efficient and cost effective way. Not only are they goo [...]
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Bureau central de tarification

Bureau central de tarification It is a special Quotation Committee that names an insurer which has to give a quotation, if for any reason, all insurers refuse a risk that has to be insured, by law.  
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Insurance in France is an insurance service dedicated to English speaking clients and provided by EUROSUD SWATON, an insurance broker based in Marseille, France.
Since 1972, Insurance in France / Eurosud Swaton proposes insurance policies in Marseille, Nice, Paris or Lyon to help professionals and individuals protect their house and insure their car or their boat from hazards.

Insurance company Montpellier

If you want to insure your house in the South of France, contact Eurosud Swaton : Home insurance and also Motor insurance or Insurance broker
If you need to find an insurance company in Marseille, Nice or Lyon to protect your house, your car or even your boat, contact Insurance in France / Eurosud SWATON. The insurance broker is specialised in helping English speaking clients insure and protect their valuable possessions against theft and damage at reasonable cost.
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