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Eurosud : Broker for "Les Terrasses du Port"

EUROSUD SWATON is the insurance broker for “Les Terrasses du Port” one of the largest shopping centre developments based in Marseille. Originally the project was started by Foruminvest, a private developer based in Holland. Hammerson has acquired Les Terrasses du Port in Marseille in, 2009.


The 52,000 m² center, still under construction will provide 150 stores, 2,850 car parking spaces and a 260 metre-wide restaurant terrace overlooking the Mediterranean sea. The total development cost is approximately €450 million.


“Les Terrasses du Port” is adjacent to the tourist port terminal for Sardinia and Corsica, which is visited by more than one million tourists each year.

Insurance company in Marseille : Products and services - Heath insurance

Discover our health insurance plans

All residents in France are obliged by law to have health insurance. Most qualify for the country's health insurance (sécurité sociale). In order to do so, they need to prove their income to the social security (Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie). The usual way to do it is thrue the french tax return. However these tax returns are submitted in May each year, one year in arrears. So people who have not declared themselves as tax residents need to show proof of income. This can very well be another country's tax return, or proof of income such as pay slips, bank deposits, share dividends,...


Those who do not qualify will have to take out private health insurance. This is when INSURANCE IN FRANCE comes in. We offer comprehensive coverage with fully flexible benefits and a wide range of associated services (EURO COVER)


Those who are not identified as residence, if they come to France, are going to need some type of cover. We will deliver insurance solutions for people who are only coming for a short visit (WELCOME COVER)

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