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EUROSUD SWATON is the insurance broker for H99, the famous skyscraper wich has been designed by the renowed architect, Jean-Baptiste Pietri. The tower is the flagship construction worksite of the new Euroméditerranée district which is the showcase for the regeneration of Marseille in France.

With its 99,9 meters in height, it will be the first residential skyscraper built in France since the 0s. Consisting of three modules set one upon the other (City View, Sea View and Sky View), it will stand facing the sea and contain 149 apartments, all enjoying the view.

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A : In france car insurance is attached to the vehicle. If you use someone's car you will be insured by their policy. Your personal car insurance policy cannot cover you for the use of other vehicles.
A: There is a significant difference between purchasing your french insurance through an insurance broker versus from a insurance agent or even a bank. Rather than being "sold" the one product line offered by the direct channel, a broker like EUROSUD SWATON works with several quality insurers. By pr [...]
A : Most people think they should insure their home at its market value. This is not the case. The sum insured should cover the cost of rebuilding the house. The rebuild value is the full reconstruction cost of the house and its outbuildings, barns,.... It should also include any associated costs, s [...]
A : A named perils policy covers losses that are caused by specific perils listed in the policy. The perils typically covered include fire, windstorm, hail, and other direct physical losses. An all risks policy covers losses that are caused by any peril except those specifically excluded in the pol [...]
A : In France there is no restriction as to what car you drive. If the car is insured, it is insured for everyone. If your car is damaged while being driven by an inexperienced or young driver their will be an additional excess applied to the compulsory excess shown on your schedule.
A : In France Insurance is automatically renewed. If you do not cancel your insurance, you will automatically be reinsured and will be responsible for the premiums for the next term, even if you no longer want the insurance.   Normally, if you do not want your French insurance policies renewed, yo [...]
A : All our products have the facility to cover your valuables and personal possessions as part of the building and contents contract. Also, we propose policies that do not contain article' limits so you do not need to worry about specifying every individual item.   If specified Fine Art is damage [...]
A : In selecting an appropriate amount of coverage, be sure to avoid the most common consumer mistake - insuring your home for what it costs to sell (the market value), rather than what it costs to replace. Homeowner policies are designed to cover the cost of reconstructing your home should it eve [...]
A : If you decide to take out a policy with us, we will have to create for you a French no claim bonus. In order to be able to do that you will have to provide evidence of your foreign no claim discount. This can take the form of a letter from your last insurer indicating your level of no claim dis [...]
A : Eurosud Assurances is one of the leading local provider of cover in a number of specialist areas. Some of our most renowned accounts, for which we are handeling the brokerage, are the city of Marseille and the metro of Marseille.