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EUROSUD SWATON is the insurance broker for H99, the famous skyscraper wich has been designed by the renowed architect, Jean-Baptiste Pietri. The tower is the flagship construction worksite of the new Euroméditerranée district which is the showcase for the regeneration of Marseille in France.

With its 99,9 meters in height, it will be the first residential skyscraper built in France since the 0s. Consisting of three modules set one upon the other (City View, Sea View and Sky View), it will stand facing the sea and contain 149 apartments, all enjoying the view.

Insurance company in Marseille : Tool box - French insurance terms

French insurance terms

INSURANCE IN FRANCE understand that insurance wording can sometimes be filled with unfamiliar jargon, especially when it is in another language. So we have created this insurance glossary tool to help you quickly find the term that you need explained.


All the terms are written in French, but their explanations are in English language. Just click on the letter that corresponds to the first letter of the word that puzzles you. For instance, you just need to click the letter ‘M’ to learn about the French term "Multirisques habitation".

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Items not included in standard insurance options available for cars. These may include extra electronic equipments or exterior items.
The premium paid at the inception of a insurance contract which provides for future premium adjustments. It is a percentage of what the final premium.  
This coverage pays for your towing services in case you are stuck at the side of the road with a non-functioning car.  
This coverage includes protection for all your personal property you normally keep in your unit and on your lot. It is commonly called contents insurance. You can purchase All-risk or Named perils contents coverage.  
A form which verifies that a policy has been written and states the coverage in general, often used as proof of insurance in loan transactions and for other legal requirements.  
An attachment to a policy that modifies its conditions by expanding or restricting benefits or excluding certain conditions from coverage.  
It is a special Quotation Committee that names an insurer which has to give a quotation, if for any reason, all insurers refuse a risk that has to be insured, by law.  
It is your certificate of Motor Insurance. It includes a detachable coupon which should be apposed on the windshield. The green coupon is considered proof that you are insured to drive your car in member countries of the European Union.  
A sudden and violent act of nature which could not have been foreseen or prevented.
The hazard of large loss by reason of occurrence of a peril to which a very large number of insured are subject. An example would be widespread loss due to a very heavy rain.
Applies generally to mean the cost of replacement. In the event of fire, to a building covered by a policy with a replacement clause, repairs or replacement will be made with material of like kind and quality without cost to theinsured for depreciation or betterment.  
That portion of the premium paid to the insurance broker as compensation for his services.  
This is like a restricted licence that allows you to drive only if you have another fully licenced driver in the car with you. It is usually used for children over sixteen and it must be declared to your insurance company who has no choice but to accept the risk.  
Refers to a building where at least 80% of the exterior walls are of some type of masonry construction, i.e., brick, stone or hollow masonry tile, poured concrete or reinforced concrete, or hollow masonry block.  
The construction type of your property contributes to determinating your premium. Generally, if your home is of a more solid construction like brick or brick veneer, your insurance will be lower. This is because these materials are less combustible than other building materials.  
No matter how careful you are when appraising your home, it is possible to underestimate the replacement cost of the building. The Guaranteed replacement cost option protects you from being under-assessed, and will make up for any difference in the replacement value, or will provide you with added c [...]